5 creative and easy ways to detox your life


There’s more to detoxing than cutting out junk food and pulling funny faces as you down another kale smoothie. Decluttering your life is guaranteed to clear your mind and encourage the continued pursuit of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Here are 5 fun and easy ways to detox your life.


Schedule your life.

We all have To Do lists which glare back at us still undone, adding more stress than when the page was blank. To ease your mind, schedule each task in a weekly, monthly and annual calendar. When each task has its own time and space, it will no longer sit on list soliciting guilt from you for not doing it yet. Be realistic and kind on yourself when scheduling. Expecting too much in one day will only aggravate your stress levels and defeat the purpose of scheduling. Remember it’s okay that you’re not superhuman.

Eat what your body loves

We’re still battling with kale. If you are too, don’t force yourself as you’ll just be unhappy and quit a detox programme before you’ve even started. Your body craves to be in balance so eating whole and cleansing foods will give it just that. If you’re craving sugar, try a fresh fruit & veg juice instead. You’ll kill the sugar craving and love yourself for the discipline.

Detox your life

Declutter your life. Sell, donate to charity or bin anything which you do not love or does not make you feel fabulous. Engage an honest friend who’s judgement you trust and has good taste. Archive the 2187 photos on your phone, and ditch the toxic friends. This will clear up space on your device and in your life to create new, beautiful memories. It’s a new year and a clean environment will lighten your mood, clear your mind and spur you on to maintain your new years resolution.

“Clutter is not just physical stuff. 

It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. 

Clutter is anything that doesnt support your better self.

– Eleanor Brownn

Take a digital detox

While we love having you with us in the virtual world, digital detoxing is becoming a must in the fight against stress. Switch off your phone for an hour a day and do something simple and relaxing. Walk in nature, watch a sunset, play with your pets and kids, listen to music, journal, read a real book or lie in hammock and daydream. This is your time to unwind, relax and heal your tired mind.

Pamper yourself

Pampering during a cleansing diet will help you feel amazing and make the detox a much more pleasant experience that you will want to do every season. Getting a massage, nourishing your skin with coconut oil or shea butter. Also reward yourself after each completed task. Often we place so much pressure on ourselves to succeed, we easily neglect to celebrate our successes.

Now, what to do about kale?