5 Things To Know About Pedicures

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We are now in the thick of winter and keeping our feet warm is top priority! There’s nothing like a pair of woolly socks and (a few) stylish boots to conquer the winter blues as well as the big bad world! But there is one small problem; in winter our toesies seem to get neglected as they are on permanent vacation and hidden away. There are 5 things you need to know about pedicures before the sun comes out and it’s time to break out the open-toed sandals.


Prepare Your Feet

In order to get the most out of your pedicure, prepare you feet before visiting your nail technician. Those extra minutes she takes removing old nail polish or scrubbing away at dead skin is precious time she could be spending on making your feet look and feel like a million dollars. Let’s also not forget the pampering part, you know what I’m talking about, that divine massage/reflexology that can put anyone to sleep in seconds. No one wants less time spent here – that will just be a sin!

What Nail Polish best Suits Your Skin Tone?

Ever walked into your pedicure appointment and found a nail polish colour that immediately catches your eye? You’re then dead set on your nail technician working her magic and painting your nails in this wonderful, new discovery! But to your disappointment she explains to you that your desired colour choice is unlikely to suit your skin tone. Luckily at Langaro Nail Salon, our ladies will always consult with you first and advise you on the best and most suitable colours for you before beginning your mani or pedi.

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Look Out For Nail Salon Hygiene

Nail salon hygiene is exceptionally important when it comes to getting a mani or pedi. The infections that one can get from unsterilized tools or proper procedures not being followed are highly unpleasant and can be a huge hazard to your health. Many Infections clear up, but often you may need an antibiotic to get rid of the problem. A professional nail technician will always clean her tools in front of you with pure alcohol or surgical spirits. Another way to avoid any infections, don’t shave your legs at least 2 days prior to a pedicure in case you have any invisible (or not) nicks and cuts. Goes without saying that you shouldn’t get a pedi if you have any wounds on your feet.

Mani’s And Pedi’s Are Not Just For The Ladies

With “manscaping” a real and present thing, nail salons around the world have reported a 30% increase in male clients who come in for pedis in the past year. So next time you make an appointment drag your other half with and let’s increase that percentage! Let’s face it, there is nothing sexier that a man who looks after himself!

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Make That Pedi Last! 

Prolong the life of your pedicure by prepping for nail polish correctly and using a foot scrub once a week. Also, If you want baby-soft feet, soak them before you file off that excess dead skin. The nail technicians at Langaro  say, “Always file your foot when it is damp, not dry. This will remove skin without making feet rougher.”

If you’re guilty of abandoning your feet in winter (like most of us) then perhaps it’s time to show them a little love. Remember the better you take care of them now, the easier they will be to maintain in the summer. Our Nail Technicians at Langaro are waiting for you! So make that mani or pedi booking today and let your feet recover!

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