5 ways to protect your skin in autumn

Skin in autumn

Our skins are more delicate than we give them credit for. Binge out or skip a nightly routine and our faces will let us know, either with a breakout or saggy eyes. It therefore goes without saying that a change in weather and our subsequent diets, solicits a few tweaks to our skincare routine. Here are 5 ways to protect your skin in autumn.

1. Keep drinking

Water makes up 90% of our cells. Even though the temperature has dropped making us less thirsty, we still need to maintain a high fluid intake so keep drinking water.

2. Don’t ditch the sunscreen

UV rays will still penetrate cloud cover and cause sun damage. Sunblock should therefore be as much a part of your all-year-round skincare routine as a cleanser and moisturiser. We carry a wide range of sunscreens to suit every skin type and lifestyle activity, even a range designed especially for kids. For further info, read our detailed article on sunscreen here, and our post on how UV rays can affect our eyesight, here.

3. Clear the debris

Summer skin suffers from dehydration and pigmentation through sun damage. That dull, spotted appearance is easily treatable through a variety of services and treatments. We recommend you start off with a Clear and Brilliant baby fraxel lazer treatment to slough away all those dead cells. Your fresh youthful skin will now act as a sponge, ready to absorb richer moisture treatments.

4. Go rich and creamy

Swop lotion for cream or oil in both your face and body routines. Creams contain a high percentage of oils which feed dry skin. For the face, we recommend speaking to our therapists as your skin type is relevant to the kind of creams yoru should be using. For the body, we recommend something delicious which contains shea butter or coconut oil. Our Terres D’Afrique range of body products are excellent for autumn and winter – especially when applied during our indulgent massages. Tempt yourself with this review of our TDA Gold Shea Butter Gold massage here. Now is also a great time to keep a travel-sized hand cream in your bag and apply whenever you need to.

5. Treat your feet

Months of sun, open toed sandals or even barefoot would have taken its toll on your trotters. Treat dry cracked heels and flaky skin with a weekly foot soak, then lather on coconut oil, or let us do it all for you. Our Deluxe pedicures and Medi Pedis are designed for your specific needs and are the ultimate in luxury.

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