7 Facts your hairstylist isn’t telling you


As hairstylists we sometimes refrain from speaking openly to our clients about certain topics. I’m not saying that clients should know of the ‘goings on’ in any salon, but if clients are made more aware of certain aspects regarding their service it will ensure better client relationships. Remember even though our clients do not have personal relationships with their stylists, they are still human and will more than likely be happy that the subject is broached.


1. The best way to find a hairstylist is through referrals

This is the best way to find someone who you will be comfortable with.  Ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations.  It is perfectly normal that not everybody gets along.  This might be the case with you as a client and your stylist. If you find that your ‘hair-vision’ does not quite align with what your stylist has in mind for you communicate this and should you feel that you are not prepared to forego this vision be honest enough to end your current “relationship”.  As with all break-ups, these things do happen.


2. The worst appointment times are…

Saturday Mornings. We are generally booked in advance for weekends so please don’t be upset when you run in on a Saturday morning and have to leave disappointed.  This is our busiest day, even Fridays are less than ideal, so please pre-book.  This will ensure that your stylist can prepare for you and that you as a client feel less stressed and agitated.The Best appointment times are…

Early in the week.  Generally Mondays to Wednesdays are quieter days due to the fact that people are still settling into the week and into their routine, so you are more likely to get more time with your stylist.

The best way to get the appointment time you want is to pre-book.  Ideally your next appointment should be booked before you leave the salon.


3. If your hairdresser is promising the world, chances are they are not being totally honest with you

It is next to impossible to duplicate that photo of Jennifer Aniston you brought in as everyone has different face shapes and hair texture.  We also don’t know exactly what your hair has been through previously and can therefore not guarantee any result unless you are absolutely honest with us.


4. The WORST thing you can do is…

Be late. Not only is it disrespectful to the stylist’s time, but he/she will definitely run late with their following appointments which is unfair to the clients that were on time. If you realise that you are running late please give the salon a call at least 30minutes prior to your appointment time to ensure that we will still be able to accommodate you.


5. The BEST thing you can do is…

Tip well.  Even though a tip is a sign of gratuity and not compulsory, it goes a long way to show your stylist that you were happy with his/her service.

Don’t forget to tip the crucial player which is your stylists’ apprentice/assistant.  These people are often forgotten, but are a big part of your salon experience.  They move behind the scenes to ensure a flawless performance.


6. Ever wonder why prices can vary so much from salon to salon?

There are a lot of factors which come into play.  One is the location of the salon – salons in more affluent areas will likely charge more due to the fact that property prices are higher and the general running of the salon will also be more expensive. Another might be the fact that the professional stock used is already pricey and therefore the cost of the product needs to be covered.  Also from a stylists point of view, as our education and training don’t come cheap higher prices does warrant it.  After all you pay for what you get!


7. The real reason your hair takes longer when you so desperately need to leave

Generally fine hair is much quicker to cut than coarse thick hair and texture takes more time than cutting length.  So if you do have thicker hair be prepared for the service to take a few extra minutes.  If you are in a rush communicate this to your stylist before the service commences in case the service needs to be adapted.  This will ensure that neither party becomes agitated.

In general, lines of communication between client and stylist should be open and honest.  Don’t lie to your clients, they are more educated than we give them credit for and they are our bread and butter after all.  Honesty pays off and a client will rather accept an honest opinion as opposed to a lie told to cover up a mistake.