Skin Regimen: anti-aging for millenial skin


The newly relaunched Skin Regimen by Comfort Zone was designed to target the urban needs of millennial skin. This modern approach to skincare is clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress and lifestyle ageing. Interestingly, this new range is suitable for any age as the skin issues it addresses are include dullness, dehydration, imperfections, fine lines, wrinkles and even environmental and stress-aged skin caused by modern living.

The sleek minimalist black packaging was not only designed to reflect the genderless, contemporary and urban attitude of the brand but also make for prolonged formulations that retain their efficacy and potency by keeping light out. The full range of products available in salon and for use at home, is complimented by the new Urban Longevity Facial designed as an antidote to urban fatigue. The facial includes exclusive massage techniques inspired by qigong, modern physiotherapy and Comfort Zone’s Skin Regimen macro waves sound for a complete mind & body recharging experience.

The Skin Regimen treatment follows a 4-step routine; Prepare, Recharge, Correct and Reset.  All products contain juniper, rosewood, cedar wood and copal essential oils,

Step 1. Prepare

Cleansing Cream Anti-pollution Face Wash. (Cleanser)

Step 2: Recharge

Microalagae Essence Energizing Illuminating Lotion (Toner)

Step 3: Correct

Hyaluronic Acid Booster Hydra Plumping Concentrate for Dehydration, Tulsi Booster Nourishing Protective Oil for depleted skin barriers, Vit C Booster Brightening Concentrate for dullness and Retinol Booster Wrinkle Concentrate for fine lines and wrinkles.

Essential basics include Tripeptide Cream Age-Defence Moisturiser, Lift Multi action Eye Cream and Urban Shield SPF30 Anti-pollution UV Fluid

Step 4: Reset

Night Detox Overnight Pro-Vitality Mask

The Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Longevity Facial and skincare range is suited to men and women, and available for home use. Call us for more info about this exciting new range or book a facial today. Your skin will thank you.