AW19 Haircuts & Styles for Women

Bobs, bangs, braids, blow dries and boy cuts are always en vogue. What sets each season apart is length, texture, colour and movement. Here are our top Autumn Winter 2019 Hair Trends for women from our favourite hair brand and international stylist, Kevin Murphy. The looks all take their lead from the 1970’s which is hot fashion news right now. From natural to sleek, disco waves to shaggy chic, there’s a look for everyone who visits Langaro.

Blunt Bob: The trend is to move away from a layered, shattered cut to something blunt and sharp. Lengths have also risen from midlength boyfriend-bob to a chic look which could either frame the jawline or skim the shoulders. Tuck one side behind the ear for a striking A-line effect.

Grey Inclusive: Ageism may be slow in losing its grip in fashion and beauty but the movement is there. As we become more tolerant of embracing grey hair, the silver fox trend is strengthening and we’re all for it. During a transition to a full head of grey, work with your colourist to get the hairline as close to your natural colour as possible. Alternately, play with colour washes just for fun. The whole process needs to be as seamless and beautiful as you.

Centre Parting: Inspired by the AW19/20 Fashion Week runway shows, parting took centre stage. Whether you’re sporting a sleek bob, a low slung ponytail, or a curtain down the back, centre parting is on point.

Curtan Bangs: Draped curtain bangs a la Brigitte Bardot are all the rage. If you’re debating in whether to get a fringe or growing one out, the look is a perfect disguise for your dilemma. They’re suited to framing any face shape, low maintenance and er… dare we say it… bang on trend;)

Disco Glam Waves: The 70’s revival is in full swing with flared trousers, and sequinned eye colour and retro checks. Hair is no exception to this trend. Sunkissed beach waves have given way to styled waves reminiscent of the glam disco era.

Shaggy Pixie Cut: So you finally decided to get that chop but cannot commit to a shaven neck or short fringe. Or maybe your summer cropped look has grown out. Either way, the shaggy pixie cut is a chic and fun take on short hair without the fuss of too much maintenance.

The Blowdry: Tousled beach waves had their moment in the summer sun. Winter sees the return to the good ol’ fashioned blowdry. The look is decidedly more polished yet still soft and slept in.

Tightly Woven: Game of Thrones is so last season as plaits and braids are now low slung and tightly woven. A style hack from our hair stylist Anelda Rossouw, is to spritz hairspray on a toothbrush, then brush carefully to tame flyaway ends for a sleek finish.

Adult Accessories: Be it humble hair clips or bejewelled creations, hair accessories are stealing the limelight. We love this trend for making light on bad hair days, adding elegance to an up-do or disguising that difficult growing-out stage.

Lavender makeover: Lilac had overtaken millennial pink as the most popular colour search in 2018. This season sees whispy clouds of colour washed through rather than a bold or solid palette.

Hot Weather Hair: This wild card appears to be a conundrum given winter’s low temperature and wet climate. ‘Hot weather hair’ is described as island balmy or the look you’re left with after stumbling out of a sweaty club at two in the morning. Given that retro, 70’s disco seems to dominate the trend this season, there’s no surprise here. What do you think?