The benefits of a lymph drainage massage


We’re constantly making resolutions to improve ourselves, with health, wealth, family and wellbeing vying for the top of the list. the list. Maintain a balanced life is challenging. We, therefore, need to aid our bodies in every way we can because we expect so much from it.

How do we do this?

Me Time has aways been a thing but these days its extended beyond a pamper session or ‘Book Club’ with the girls to taking care of our bodies and minds. Digital detoxing, juicing, yoga and meditation are all progressing from being just a fad to becoming a holistic lifestyle. We’re even ending toxic friendship which no longer serve us well. So where does one start with wanting to lead a healthier, more balanced life. We recommend working from the inside and our Lymph Drainage Massage is the ideal starting point.

What is a Lymph Drainage Massage?

Lymph is our natural defense against infections. The primary role of this clear liquid which flows freely through the body is to prevent aggressive agents from entering and to flush out toxins and waste present in our system. Lymphatic congestion occurs when protein deposits clog the lymph vessels or when stagnation occurs due to an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, fatigue, emotion shock and stress. This clogging of vessels results is tissue swelling which traps toxins in the resulting in a host of medical conditions like allergies, high blood pressure, viral infections and even cancer.  It’s thereby imperative to maintain a healthy flow of lymph.

A lymph drainage massage is designed to improve the overall function of the lymphatic system. The efficacy of this medical body massage is often questioned because of its gentle nature; the pressure applied is no heavier than a teaspoon of water. The treatment itself relies on a slow rhythmic massage which stretch the skin in circular movements encouraging toxins to be reabsorbed from the body’s tissue back into the lymph fluid.

One can have either a 60 or 90 minute massage with frequency recommended by a therapist. The immediate effects are experienced in an overall feeling of calm and relaxation and a good night’s rest. Increased water consumption is highly encouraged to aid the flushing process as is avoiding junk food and alcohol.

As we said earlier, to maintain a healthy, balance lifestyle we need to help our bodies as best we can. Here’s a healthier, happier you in 2018.