BUP; the non-surgical facelift which works

non-surgical face lift

In the pursuit of youth, lifting tired, saggy skin is a regular topic of conversation. Surgical face lists require careful consultation, hospitalization and extensive downtime which doesn’t suit every lifestyle, personal preference or pocket. Fortunately there are alternatives which doesn’t require any medical procedure or even downtime. And we have a non-surgical facelift treatment here at Langaro just for you. Its the Bio-Ultimate Platinum (BUP) lift and firm – and our clients love it.

To understand how this treatment works, is to know what happens during the aging process.

How do we age?

Aging affects both your facial muscles and your skin. Beneath the weight of skin and fat, the muscles can stretch and sag over time largely due to the loss of elastin and collagen; sun damage and dehydration. The result is saggy jowls, a double chin, droopy eyes and wrinkles. Not cute unless you’re a Shar Pei.

What is the BUP facial

The BUP lift & firm is the treatment which we swear by in the fight against facial rejuvenation. Known as muscle re-education, the process teaches the face muscles to repair themselves back to where they originally were. Sounds like something futuristic doesn’t it? Well, skincare has advanced so much, we are experiencing high end technology in action. The BUP uses mild electrical current, called microcurrent, which closely resembles the electrical current the body generates on its own. It is very mild and generally sub-sensory, but when applied to the face it restores the natural flow of electrical current allowing muscle re-education to commence.

During the treatment, the facial muscles and skin are being given a fitness workout which stimulates collagen and elastin production, the two essential proteins which the skin needs to remain youthful and glowing. Sagging eyebrows and jowls are lifted, resulting in a visible firmness even after the first treatment. Results are cumulative so the more often the treatment is done, the higher the improvement rate.

Bio-Ultimate® Platinum microcurrent services are touted as the single most comprehensive facial available. Microcurrent, combined with strategic products, improves skin tone and elasticity to tighten and firm aging skin, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, helps in the healing of scars and blemishes and offers intense hydration giving a healthy glowing skin. The treatment can be experienced as a standalone service, or combined with another service like the Oxygen facial for an optimized youthful appearance. ‘What more would you possibly want from a facial?