How to Care for Tape In Extensions


EasiHair Pro tape in extensions are made off 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair. Care is therefore as crucial as if they were growing from your own head. With time and practice, maintenance will become easier. The secret, like with real hair, is to be gentle. Tugging and pulling when in a rush will loosen the panels or cause breakage.

  1. Only use sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo. When washing, apply product gently to the root and spread along the hair. Avoid massaging the scalp.
  2. Apply conditioner from the mid-shaft down to the roots. The rich ingredients may dissolve the tape adhesive.
  3. Every time you blowdry, press the panels together to reaffirm the bond.
  4. Use the correct styling products and avoid any which contain alcohol as it will dilute the bonds.
  5. Give yourself extra time when styling extensions, until you’re used to working with extra volume and length.
  6. Like with real hair, keep heat styling to a bare minimum to avoid frizz and sizzle.
  7. Apply a leave-in condition when swimming to protect against salt or chlorinated water.
  8. Do not use permanent hair colour Or lift the colour of your extensions. You may have them coloured with semi- or demi-permanent colour.
  9. Do not plait hair when swimming as salt will crystalise on the hair and cause breakage when loosening.
  10. Avoid oils or serums near the base of the panels as they will slip.
  11. Invest in a quality boar bristle brush. Brush at least three times per day to avoid tangling, starting from the bottom and taking time.
  12. Pinch panels often to keep intact. It will give your hands something to do instead of snacking while watching Netflix.
  13. Plait hair loosely before bed. It’s not required but highly recommended.
  14. Alternately, sleep on a satin or silk pillow to prevent messy bed hair or breakage.
  15. Refit every 6 – 8 weeks to accommodate regrowth and to ensure panel bonding, some coudl even push to 10 weeks. If your tape extensions have grown out more than 5 centimetres or it feels as though some panels are slipping out, its time to have them removed and reapplied.

Tape in extensions are not cheap party wigs. Proper care will ensure you’ll have hair for days… well, a year actually.