How Do I Choose A Nude Nail Polish

how to choose nail polish

Every woman needs a fail safe nude nail polish, but what’s the right shade when they all come in different colours? Our nail technicians at Langaro are here to help you by informing you exactly on how to pick a proper nude nail polish for your skin tone and give you a few recommendations of their own.

Nude nails

Firstly, choose a neutral nail polish that compliments your skin by matching it to your foundation. Try it on your nail to find the right match. Looking at the colour through the bottle won’t give you the right indication if it’s the correct match or not. Check the colouration of your skin near the cuticle, if you have blue undertones and your cuticle looks red, then you chose a colour with too much blue. If you have yellow undertone and your cuticle looks dark, then you chose a shade that’s too pink. “It’s very similar to picking a lip colour or blush,” Fatima explains. “Nude nail polishes are like tinted moisturizer for the nails – you want a shade that compliments your natural skin tone while giving a slight hint of colour.” A nude that’s too cool or too warm for your undertones will give you a washed out look. Also, try choosing a shade with a white undertone to complement and brighten your skin tone. Morgan Taylor Perfect Match is a cool, pink nude with a subtle silvery shimmer and has a white undertone (apply two coats)

Morgan Taylor Perfect Match

If you have a fair skin tone then a pinky nude will work best as it supports the blue and pink undertones in whiter skin tones. A few of us ladies at Langaro have fair skin tone, and we can 100 percent guarantee that nude pink shades look far more attractive than darker ones. Prim-rose and Prosper is a creamy nude color that is perfectly suited for ladies with pale skin. The formula is a little thinner than the rest of the Morgan Taylor collection, but you should still get away with 2 coats.


Suntanned taupe/nudes are for clean-cut, beachy ladies ( think Kim Kardashian)If you have an olive skintone then creamy corals such as OPI- “Barefoot In Barcelona” makes for a dashing pop against dark skin. You can also try Morgan Taylor “Beach Babe” which is a peach creme. It’s not at all pastel or chalky and has quite a bit of orange in its base.

barefoot in barcelona

There’s no denying it, nude nails are simply timeless, understated and totally sophisticated! They also go with any outfit or occasion so you really cannot go wrong with them unless you choose the incorrect nude for your skin tone. So what are you waiting for, get your nude on!