The Circle Chronicles by Davines; hair masks tailored for your lifestyle

davines the circle chronicles

Modern lifestyles bring with it a strong sense of power, – and stress. I work hard, I play hard, I live big, I need help. The same with our hair. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to hairstyles or products, how hair behaves under various conditions and subsequently what it needs. Hair needs are as individual as the person who’s head it is sitting on.

For this reason, Davines has created a Circle Chronicles, a collection of hair treatment masks for any condition. They’ve described it as a hair masking experience made for modern living; used individually for targeted results like instant shine or hydration, or multi-mask to get customized care for your roots, lengths and ends.


The Purity Circle is a revitalizing hair mask created to remove impurities caused by pollution. It is enriched with Matcha tea and eco-certified bamboo charcoal. Matcha is a well known superfood which fights free radicals while bamboo charcoal acts as an absorbent.

The Quick Fix Circle provides express moisture, detangling and shine in only three minutes. It is enriched with hyaluronic acid for moisture retention and 100% natural, iron-rich red clay to remove hair impurities.

The Renaissance Circle will repair dry, brittle hair. Highly nutritious babassu butter detangles to restore softness, silkiness and body while yellow clay helps to re-compact the hair structure, making it look healthier and stronger.

The Spotlight Circle is an illuminating mask designed to bring instant shine and brightness to hair, enhancing natural or cosmetic colour. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins and proteins, the Moringa oil in this mask nourishes and enhances shine without weighing hair down.

The Wake Up Circle is a reinvigorating hair mask that gives stressed hair its energy and volume. It’s been formulated with Rhodiola extract and purple clay rich in kaolin and aluminium with rebalancing and anti-toxic properties.


The beauty of these salon products is that they’re available for you to take home after use as one sachet offers two treatments. No matter what your lifestyle throws at you, home is looking so much more like a spa, isn’t it?