Why Clear + Brilliant laser is a cut above the rest.

clear brilliant laser

Anti-aging is the word on everyone’s lips these days so we listened and introduced Clear + Brilliant, the new approach to anti-aging from the inside.


Myth 1: Short hair grows faster than long

Gone are the days when an anti-aging facial meant applying fancy cream to your face in the hope that it would magically fill these wrinkles. The reason why off-the shelf topical applications do not work is two fold. (a) The level of active ingredients is present to warrant the claim but its so low, it has no effect in treating the skin. And (b), real skin cell damage happens beneath the surface so a topical cream lacks efficacy.

Clear + Brilliant is the hottest and safest skin laser treatment on the market today. Its advanced laser technology helps prevent the signs of aging, offers an even, radiant skin tone, smoother softer texture and minimizers pore appearance. What sets this treatment apart from any other anti-aging procedure is that it fills the void between topical cream applications and invasive surgery, perfect for anyone who’s reticent to try collagen and botox. It’s proven so effective that Hollywood stars are writing the procedure into their movie contracts. Some research revealed names like Hailey Baldwin,Chrissy Tiger, Khloe Kardashian and Drew Barrymore so who are we to argue.

“Once a year I go to Dr. Roy Geronemus for a barnacle removal. He treats my face like the bow of a boat. I do a Clear + Brilliant laser every October. After the summer, I look, honestly, like I have dirt all over my face from the melasma. It was so bad after my kids. No matter how much sunscreen and how many hats, I have a lot of brown spots.” – Drew Barrymore

What to expect.

All treatments begin with a consultation to see if Clear + Brilliant is right for you – and to pinpoint some of the key trouble spots it can help address. From there, we will provide a treatment regimen that’s right for you. During a 20 minute treatment, a handheld device is rolled over the skin, creating micro-injuries to break up damaged cells (known as melanocyte cells) at the base of the epidermis. When damaged by the sun, these cells can make too much pigment or no pigment at all, which show up as dark or white spots on the skin. After a laser treatment, collagen is produced to heal the the micro-injuries, hereby creating a smooth, even skin tone and a natural healthy glow. Treatments typically take 20 minutes with zero down, can benefit men and women of all ages and is safe for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding. We recommend that clients avoid harsh sun exposure for 3 days after a treatment so this should be done before high summer.


Why Clear + brilliant is safe to use.

  • I’m afraid of laser.
  • I got badly burned with my last laser treatment.
  • My skin peeled right off my face. Never doing laser treatments again.

These are real comments we’ve heard from visitors to Langaro. Sadly, we have to contend that their concerns and incidents were all valid. Until now! Clear + Brilliant delivers a laser treatment which makes reduces the probability of a therapist to physically burn a client’s skin. That’s a bold statement which we could be held accountable for. So why make?  The success of the Clear + Brilliant baby fraxel machine lies solely in its design. The laser will only fire if the ‘rollers’ are in direct contact with the skin and in motion. In so doing, the chances of burning an area of the skin is reduced to zero. Our therapists have undergone intensive training from a a medical practitioner and are expected to cover a stipulated amount of practice hours before treating a client. This is to ensure a complete understanding of the method and ease of machine use.

We found this video to be the most effective in showing exactly how the machine works.

We’ve seen results of how Clear + Brilliant successfully addresses fine lines, pigmentation, dullness, acne and sun damage. We invite you to call us today for an appointment with a younger you.