Our colour house journey to Goldwell Hair Colour.

Goldwell hair colour

Our colour house journey to Goldwell Hair Colour.

By the end of 2017, the Langaro hair team were stuck in an unfamiliar situation. A trusted hair colour house which we’d been using since our launch five years ago changed their chemical compounds. This change on colour manufacture led to significantly different results. The same trusted colour recipe we used on the same client’s hair could no  longer be trusted or used.

It’s fundamental for hair stylists to know colour compounds to ensure correct results. Needless to say, we were not happy with the shift and neither were our clients.

Ironically, stylists hate change or having to adapt. When we know our products, we know exactly how to change formulae accordingly to achieve the same goals. This is a vital part of the job because you may not know this but clients’ hair changes from visit to visit. Medication, traveling to humid or dry destinations, porosity, or chemical imbalances oil tap water al affect hair colour application. Now that the product had changed, we battles to adapt our formulae. Even the colour houses educator offered little or no consolation. “Forget everything you know about what you have learned and know about colour,” was the curt response we had received.

To what end and at who’s cost? Ours? The clients?

Multiple colour training session proved fruitless. We were not winning and our clients were unhappy.

A drastic business decision was needed; the most logical being moving to a news colour house.

Our first move was based on the advice of a stylist who had worked with the brand abroad. Fair enough, recommendations beat cold calling any day. Furthermore, one always needs a supplier which offers products as well as training, stylist competitions, cutting courses, seminars etc. In our opinion, additional marketing and academic benefits are crucial for a South Africa salon to stay abreast with the international market; especially a salon which, like ours, services tourists all year round.

Little did we know that the staff member who recommend this brand would leave our empty – and that the brand offered nothing in terms of a follow up services.

Back to square one.

As a team, we decided to invest time in researching a new colour brand and ensued that all stylist would be happy with the chosen brand.

We investigated Kevin Murphy and Original Mineral but unfortunately neither would be available in South Africa in time for our needs.

A toss up between Goldwell and Joico then ensued. Both offered beautiful results, salon support, colour and cutting education, seminars and incentives. Eventually, as a team, we decided on Goldwell.

Not only is this brand built on partnerships, but they firmly believe that salon success is reliant solely on happy clients. They’re therefore equally passionate about their product and the support which salons need. We couldn’t agree more.

After extensive training in Foundation Colour, Foiling (for high- or lowlights), Elumen (funky colours and techniques) and Grey Coverage, we’re happy to report that colour is back on track. We trust the products we are working with and trust the results we are getting. More importantly, we have happy clients so we’re steadily on our way to becoming besties with Goldwell.