Comfort Zone Hydramemory is the Rolls Royce of hydration facials

Back in the day, a facial meant getting a one-size-fits-all steam ‘n clean, followed by a generic moisturiser. Times have certainly changed. These days, global movements towards wellness and self-awareness, see us wanting to look younger and fresher without going under the knife. By default, we have become reliant on advanced skincare products which not only fight the signs of ageing but also suit our individual needs.

Comfort Zone does just that. This high tech Italian skincare brand was founded by pharmacist and cosmetologist, Dr. David Bollati, and launched in 1996. The brand is renowned for using cutting edge molecular technology in collaborations with doctors and scientists.

This collaboration between science, medicine and cosmetics has resulted in a skincare brand which serves the two functions we want from a facial. CZ carries innovative skincare solutions which fight the signs of ageing and effectively responds to our individual needs.

What sets Comfort Zone apart from the rest?
To understand how Comfort Zone works, you’ll need to know the absolute basics about a skin cell.

* Skin is the body’s largest organ and therefore more susceptible to internal and external influences. Low daily water intake, extremely hot or cold environments, salty food or alcohol will all affect how our skin looks.

* Healthy, plump skin is rich in moisture because 90% of a cell is water. By default, dehydrated skin is more likely to show signs of ageing.

* The solution to ageing is now obvious. To ‘heal’ a skin, moisture needs to be replenished.

So how does a brand take moisture from a bottle, deep into the cells of our skin?

Some brands, like Bio-Therapeutic, use equipment to penetrate products into the skin. Comfort Zone has a quieter, more luxurious approach to feeding the skin.

* They are extremely rigorous about the contents of their formulae. The finest active ingredients of natural origin are selected and combined with high-tech molecules and carrier systems. This integration results in safe, pleasant products which penetrate the skin effectively to ensure optimum results.

For example, Comfort Zone has abandoned the use of silicones which are harmful to the skin and the environment. In its place,  nourishing oils and butter offer skin the benefit of ‘real active beauty’ while providing maximum silkiness. To get a true sense of the brand’s ethical roots, products are made in Italy via renewable electricity, and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

How do science and nature translate into a facial?
A Comfort Zone Hydramemory facial is a deep, hydrating anti-ageing facial designed to restore moisture and radiance to the face, neck and decollete area. It’s suitable for dry, dull skin suffering from sun exposure, air-conditioning and travel. There’s no buzzing equipment, flickering lights or loud suction sounds to contend with. Instead, this treatment is a sensual, sensory journey of sound, touch, smell using rich, luxurious products packed with anti-ageing antioxidants. In the treatment room, the combined uses of music, warmth, fragrances, massage, and advanced products all contribute towards luxuriously moisturised skin as well as a deep sense of serenity and wellbeing.

In the Treatment Room
The Comfort Zone journey commences with an exclusive ritual where you’ll snuggle under warm, crisp sheets and a duvet, to the sound of soothing music. The therapist then holds her hands over your face, inviting you to inhale the Tranquillity Blend aromatic oil. This heady fragrance of sweet orange and earthy cedarwood will ease away the tension and stress of any busy day, and lull you into absolute bliss as she whispers, “Your Comfort Zone journey begins”.

The face, neck and chest are double cleansed to prepare for maximum product absorption; first with micellar water to remove makeup and surface grime, and then with cleansing milk. A toner and exfoliator are then applied to remove dead skin cells in preparation for the key step to this hydrating treatment.

The Hydramemory Mask is a gel leave-on mask which is absorbed into the skin within 3 minutes, for optimal hydration. It’s applied in three stages with a delicate brush to tease and tantalise the skin into ultimately revealing glowing radiance. Rich in macro hyaluronic acid and fair-trade moringa oil, Hydramemory Mask provides intensive hydration to even the most undernourished of skins. It’s “sorbet” texture offers an immediate feeling of freshness and makes multiple product layering a breeze.

The real magic happens when the therapist will execute a specific series of hand, scalp and shoulder massage movements each designed to penetrate the product’s active ingredients into the skin. Its also been proven that serotonin and dopamine, the chemical messengers responsible for emotional wellbeing, are released through massage, resulting in a feeling of calm relaxation that makes chronic or habitual stress much easier to overcome.

After 10 minutes, the excess product is removed with a warm towel and tonic, followed Hydramemory Moisturizing Serum, Cream Gel or Cream. Each Hydramemory facial journey ends with the therapist spritzing Tranquility Blend onto a delicate cotton bracelet and wrapping it around your wrist. This thoughtful gesture acts as a reminder to carry bliss into the rest of your day.

What is the purpose of this facial?
The Hydramemory facial is designed to restore compactness, nourishment and luminosity to the skin. It offers a unique and extremely pleasurable experience thanks to the specific application of the mask with the brushes and the exclusive Comfort Touch Face Massage.

Who is this facial suited to?
This treatment is suitable for men and women who experience exceptionally dehydrated skins. Unlike chemical peels which activate heat sensitivity, it can be experienced all year round, especially in hot climates or in preparation for sun exposure. It’s ideal for young skins, for those showing the first signs of ageing, or anyone who prefers tranquil luxury above technology.

What are the benefits?
Clients will experience profound skin hydration, elasticity and luminosity as the effective antioxidant ingredients act against premature ageing. In a controlled efficacy test conducted by Comfort Zone, 100% of the panel experienced improved hydration, tone and softness and 90% attested to high luminosity. In addition, all panellists were satisfied with the treatment and would have it again.

With a 100%  efficacy pass rate, now do you see why the Comfort Zone Hydramemory facial is considered the Rolls Royce of hydration treatments. Call +27 21 467 1690 or email (Camps Bay) for bookings. Comfort Zone Tranquility Blend and Hydramemeory products are used during treatments are also available for home use. Click HERE for Comfort Zone treatment durations and price lists.

Photo credit: Comfort Zone Italia via Instagram