Deep tissue massage and fascia release?

deep tissue massage

Most will perceive a massage treatment as relaxing on a spa bed, being lulled by ambient music and soothing fragrances as the delicate yet firm caress of a masseuse transports you to nirvana. While this may ring true, there are intense healing benefits to be gleaned from massage therapy. One such treatment is deep tissue massage.

A deep tissue massage utilises techniques to break up fascia, the adhesions in muscles and surrounding connective tissue. A masseuse will conduct a series of movements to work through layers of muscle and tissue to relieve aches, pains and stiffness to achieve freedom of movement and improve posture.

Two specific movements are used during a deep tissue massage; friction and stripping.

Friction deep tissue

Friction is the application of deep static pressure to isolated areas of the body to break up the adhesions in damaged muscles.

Stripping deep tissue massage

Stripping is when a therapist applies deep pressure while gliding hands, elbows or forearms over muscles or muscles groups.

It is not uncommon for a deep tissue massage to hurt given the amount of pressure applied or that it is conducted on damaged areas of the body. However, pain should not be tolerated during healing and we encourage you to mention any discomfort to our therapists. Discomfort may lead you to tense up which restricts the masseuse from treating deep tissue layers.

Its to be expected that post-massage, you may experience tightness or soreness in the treated area for a day or two. Drink water to flush out metabolic waste which has been worked out of the treated area. Applying a cold compress wrapped in a towel will also assist in relief. Please do not hesitate to notify us should your discomfort persist. Your comfort and healing process is our priority and goal.

Deep tissue massages are suited to people who have sustained an injury or suffer from chronic pain in a specific area of the body. It is not recommended for people who suffer deep vein thrombosis, high blood pressure, chronic heart conditions or those on blood thinning medication.


Massage sessions are available for couples or singles lasting 60 or 90 minutes, or as part of a treatment passage. We invite you to discuss all your needs and concerns with our therapists who are trained to offer the best advice in assisting to create The Ultimate pain-free You.