Your Emergency DIY hair kit, what must be in it and why?

hair kit

If you are one of those busy ladies who are permanently on the go and don’t have much time to spare in the hair salon, then you need an emergency DIY hair kit. This will ensure a stylish hairstyle regardless of how crazy your day gets and you’ll always feel on top of your game! Our professional hairstylists at Langaro Lifestyle Centre are here to share a few secrets on how to prepare you for a quick hairstyle fix and exactly what to keep in your DIY hair kit.


Bobby Pins:

These little pins are absolute lifesavers when a hair emergency arises as they can get even the frizziest of hair conditions under control. They are also super light- in fact you can carry 20 of them and you won’t even notice a difference in your handbag weight. They are also perfect if you have a fringe and it starts irritating you throughout the day and you need to pin it back. Don’t forget these little gems, they are an essential for your DIY kit!



Aaah the good, old faithful invisibobble. I don’t think anyone can go back to using a normal elastic hair band after this beauty was invented. The invisibobble keeps your hair in tact with no kinks and most importantly doesn’t give you split ends when removing it from your hair. They are also perfect for different braided hairstyles or twists when trying to achieve those much desired beachy waves. Light in-weight, tiny and super convenient, pack a few in your DIY hair kit right now!


Rat Tail Comb:

Now here is a hair tool that has several uses and you will definitely be patting yourself on the shoulder for keeping one in your DIY hair kit. If your hair has fallen completely flat after a few hours of running around frantically, use it to tease some volume back into your roots. If you are adamant on a certain type of hair parting and want a straight deep sided parting or even a unusual zigzag one, the rat-tail, when used with its handle, does the necessary job. You can easily pull back or pull out your hair minutely with the comb’s unique feature.


Oi Oil from Davines:

If you are in desperate need of some smoothing and de-frizzing then look no further than Oi Oil from Davines. This incredible oil gives your hair extraordinary shine and softness, is a strong detangling and restructuring action, has a anti-frizz effect and has anti-free radicals action. It’s your go-to-product when you’re a busy lady and won’t ever let your hair down!


Dry Shampoo:

After sweating from an intense day of work (yes, this happens to us ladies too and not just gents) or perhaps you got caught running in the rain from meeting to meeting, it’s time to grab a dry shampoo. You may not need this item on a daily basis, however it’s a great product to have in your desk draw should you wish to meet your friends for sundowners after work. What we can recommend is Kevin Murphy’s Fresh Hair. It’s A dry cleaner for hair that gives body and texture, removes odors, and excess oil.

It’s now time to pack that Emergency DIY hair kit and keep it on you at all times, because we never know when life is going to throw us a bad hair day along with a seriously busy working schedule.