Epilfree Permanent Hair Reduction System


Investing in you means giving the world the best version of yourself. In our continuous pursuit to assisting in creating The Ultimate You, we have introduced the revolutionary new Epilfree Permanent Hair Reduction System.

This revolutionary 3-part system offers laser-like results without the pain of a laser treatment, leaving you with a silky smooth, hair-free body.

Fun Hair Facts:
Did you know?
* Hair grows on every body part except eyelids, lips, palms and soles.
* Facial hair grows faster than any other hair type.
* The human body has approximately 5million hair follicles which is the same amount as that of a great ape.


What is Epilfree?
Epilfree is a professional formula created from natural and safe synthetic ingredients (no chemicals) which inhibits and slows down the regrowth process of unwanted body hair. It was designed by Dr Yoel Konis PhD, a cosmetic scientist of 31 years who specialised in chemistry. His long term research on herb and plant extracts like Lavender, Mary’s Mantle and Eucalyptus led to the development of a formula as an alternate method to removing unwanted hair.
Epilfree is seen as the most revolutionary system since laser removal. This treatment offers extraordinary results of 82% reduction in hair growth which has seen the industry change forever.

Who qualifies?
Unlike certain lasers which do not recognise a hair follicle against dark skin, Epilfree is effective on all skin and hair colours and types including, red, blonde, grey and downy. It’s a completely unisex and formulated for safe use on all body parts including sensitive bikini and facial areas; and even over tattoos. There’s no risk of skin damage which people may be prone to after an optical depilation procedure, and there’s no limit to sun exposure after a safe post-operative period.

Epilfree should not be used on damaged or already irritated skin, open wounds or mucous areas; basically, any area which cannot be waxed.


In the treatment room
Two products are applied in-salon immediately after a wax. Because hair begins to grow immediately after a follicle has been plucked, we advise that a wax is done at the same time as the Epilfree treatment. Skin care is also paramount; seeing products infused with natural ingredients like anti-inflammatory Lavender, anti-bacterial Eucalyptus and anti-aging Lady’s Mantle.

*Step 1. All unwanted hair is removed from the treatment area using an Epilfree approved hard or soft wax.
*Step 2. An Activator is applied which disinfects the area and opens the hair follicles by four times the normal size to allow Toner absorption.
*Step 3. The Toner is massaged into the treatment area until it is absorbed into the skin.


Aftercare Tips
The correct aftercare is essential to ensure optimal results from your Epilfree treatment.
* Refrain from plucking or shaving in-between sessions as this will disrupt the hair growth cycle, and hamper your desired results.
* Avoid putting on makeup, perfume, oils, or deodorant for 6 hours on the treated area. The alcohol in cosmetic products will interact with and subsequently hamper the efficacy of Epilfree.
* Wait 6 hours before showering or exercising as water and sweat will dilute the products.
* Wait 24 hours before exposing your skin to sunlight.


How long will results last?
No two body types are the same, which affects hair growth and intensity. Results are normally visible after three sessions. You may require anything from eight to 12 treatments before reaching your hair-free goal. Please feel comfortable to discuss timing and package deals with our trained therapists or click here for our price list. As with laser treatments, hair is not expected to grow back unless there’s a major hormonal shift in the body, or an illness may cause hair growth.

Speak to our therapists about your long term expectations, book an Epilfree Permanent Hair Reduction Treatment and make your body the sexiest outfit you own.