Our favorite Hair Products for 2016

kevin murphy

Our favorite Hair Products for 2016 is without a doubt KEVIN.MURPHY. Hair is classified as a ‘modified type or skin’ and is be treated the same way as skin.  KEVIN.MURPHY –  true to its slogan; skincare for your hair, makes this possible.

Just like going through your skin regime in the morning and evening, you should also have a hair regime. Exfoliate once a week and every day cleanse and hydrate. Your hair will have more shine and longevity. The design of KEVIN.MURPHY is based on this principle and it works beautifully.  Use Maxi wash for a good detoxifying exfoliation once a week following through with the correct rinse.

To choose the correct products to use as well as to recommend to my clients has never been easier. Go onto the KEVIN.MURPHY website or phone application, click on the ‘PRODUCT MATCHMAKER’ link and answer the quick and easy 4-step questionnaire that will recommend the exact product for your hair.

Not only do KEVIN.MURPHY products deliver, but also how they are manufactured is just as important. Products are designed to a 90-degree angle making the consumer gets to use every last drop. Not only is this beneficial to you as a client but also the environment. The design makes it possible for more product to fit in a single box resulting in the use of smaller and less boxes. This means that less trees gets used for the manufacturing of cardboard.

When it comes to styling and KEVIN.MURPHY, it is so weightless that you never have to work with just one product. 3 or more products can be used simultaneously with great results and no residue. Try for instance the oil free ANTI.GRAVITY on roots, FULL.AGAIN on middle-ends to ends before blow-drying. Your blow-dry will have fullness and luster. After blow-dry finish styling with SHIMMER.SHINE or a trick-of-the-trade EASY.RIDER for zero frizz.

In terms of the cosmetic industry and KEVIN.MURPHY, the cosmetic industry has always been one of the most environmentally unfriendly industries. This however has changed dramatically in the last decade. According to an article in the Guardian, ‘Can hair salons change the environment”, a study backed by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) conducted a research in the opportunity for barbers and stylists to lead behavioral change.  ‘Billions of people regularly get haircuts and, in the process, come into contact with key environmental issues, ranging from water and energy use to toxic chemicals;’ the article stated.

What the study found in their discussions with hairdressers is that in all hairdressers and barbers it was apparent that what was good for the hair was the same as what is good for the environment and utility bills,” according to the report. “For example, chemicals, lots of water use and heat, as well as being bad for the environment can strip oils from the hair, cause irritation and negatively affect hair condition.

That being said it is only apparent that “THE ULTIMATE YOU” is directly influenced by what you allow your ultimate environment to be. Thus, when choosing a product, the brand is just as important. And that is also what KEVIN.MURPHY offers i.e. utilizing packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable and also PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) registered.

KEVIN.MURPHY’s forward thinking in his design and the manufacturing of his products has definitely changed the way I treat hair. The range has taught me the importance of products, how they are produced and how that influences the environment.

Written by Gabriel Verreyne