Finding the perfect denim jeans

finding the perfect denim jeans

Unless you’re in a gangsta rap video, denim jeans should neither be ripped or reveal plumber’s crack. The same principle applies to super skinny’s; they’re best left to the indie rockers and goths. While the perfect fit may not exist, we shouldn’t be deterred from finding The One which flatters our body shape while straddling comfort and style. Here are a few guide lines to help close the gap between your body and that perfect pair of denim jeans.


Women’s magazine wax lyrical about body shape while often men are lumped into two categories; short and tall. Believe it or not but dressing to a body shape applies to men as well. When shopping for jeans or pants, remember that a trouser leg can always be shortened. Our focus should therefore be on the waist line. Be honest with yourself. As much as you love those classic 501’s from back in college, they more than likely won’t fit any more.


Size curves across various brands and styles will differ. Don’t be afraid to go up in size even though you’ve always. been. a. 34. Hiding a bulging waistline under volume won’t work either. Baggy jeans have a tendency to add rather than hide weight. Depending on your personal taste, opt for a pair which sits snugly or a bit loosely on the hips. Leg length and excess fabric around the knees can always be tailored.



Long and lean gents favour the standard straight cut leg; its classic, sleek and works with tight or loose fitted tops.


Everyday men who tend to enjoy their fair share of steak and cabernet should look toward a relaxed fit. Once again, ensure that they are not baggy but sit comfortably on the hip. Belts are also a must but should not cut into the belly.


If you must, choose a slim cut rather than a skinny fit. Some silhouettes are best left to the imagination.


Denim aficionados have been know to dry clean jeans to maintain shape and colour. This is perfectly acceptable but you’re just as well off washing them inside in cold water. Dark washes age better and provide more flexibility between work and weekend wear. They also use less water during the production process, therefore kinder to the environment.


Friday meetings

Friday meetings see dark washes with a shirt, blazer and lace ups. A tie is optional depending on whether you’re

Date night

For after work drinks or date night, swop the shirt and tie for a well cut t-shirt or light cashmere knit. The lace up brogues could stay.

The real you

Weekends should see an explosion of your personal style unshackled by event etiquette. Whether you’re a polo shirt and trainers kinda guy or slim fit shirt and brogues, always keep you body shape in mind and your jeans cut stylish.

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