You get a masque, and you get a masque…

bt-infusion masque

Every day we hear of something being ‘standard’. Luxury comes standard, cars have standard features, even moisturisers come standard with UV protection. But does this equate to the best for you?

In our opinion, ‘standard’ isn’t good enough when it comes to skincare. Look around you, look beyond the makeup or beards. Notice how different everyone’s skin texture looks; their luminosity, moisture levels, even elasticity. No two skin types are the same. So why should a skincare routine ‘come standard’?

Skin conditions are in constant fluctuation subject to the conditions and habits we are subjected to; diet, the weather, a change in season, hormones, environmental grime and daily stress.

Face masks are one of the simplest and most effective add on treatments to any skincare routine. Traditionally, masks were used as an extended cleansing element, they unclogged pores, and added a glow. With technology at the fore of what we do, our bt-infusion masques carry way more responsibilities. Each of the five variants has been infused with specific ingredients to target and address different skin conditions.

In the treatment room, a bt-micro is used to penetrate mask ingredients into the skin for maximum efficacy and results.

Brightening masque: Contains marine algae and liquorice extracts for lightening and brightening, and hyaluronic acid for hydration. Also contains arginine, an amino acid, with antioxidant benefits.

Clearing masque: This concentrated masque contains salicylic acid to reduce congestion, while papaya extract softens skin and reduces oil. Also contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin.

Collagen masque: A concentrated masque containing collagen to increase moisture, tone, and resiliency while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydrating masque: This masque is for dry and dehydrated skin that has very little natural oil. Contains asiaticoside which supports collagen and serves as an anti-inflammatory. Also contains liquorice extract for clarifying and brightening dull skin.

Vitamin C masque: This masque contains vitamin C for firming and lightening, and hyaluronic acid for hydrating and soothing. Also contains liquorice extract to lighten and brighten.

With our selection of Bio-Therapeutic bt-infusion masques, your individual skincare needs will be tailored to suit whatever mood your skin is in. This our standard for The Ultimate individual You.