The IBX nail strengthening treatment works

IBX Treatment

Are your nails acetone-weary? Yellowed, weak, dry or flaky? Well, help is literally at hand. Literally.

The IBX Strengthen and Repair system addresses nails damaged by daily wear ‘n tear, a poor diet, nail bed infections, continuous Gelish applications or general lack of maintenance.

IBX STRENGTHEN is an intense treatment used to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish. Most repair polishes sit on the surface of the nail and form a bond with the keratin in the nail. These types of applications need to be removed and reapplied every time you change your nail colour.

Instead, IBX Strengthen uses essential oils and heat to penetrate into the nail plate to fuse the layers in the upper portion of the nail plate. In essence, a permanent solution which does not require removal. In some cases, cancer patients going through chemotherapy have been able to maintain healthy nail growth through IBX.

IBX REPAIR is a spot treatment applied to specific areas to treat peeling, splits, flaking, ridges, paper thin nails, even nails which have difficulty growing due to short or long term damage.

IBX Before and After

IBX is suited for anyone who wants strong, healthy nails,  except those who suffer an allergic reaction to acrylic or gels as the chemical compound is similar. If you’re unsure of a pre-existing allergy, we highly recommend a patch test.

IBX Final
Treatments are prescribed according to your specific nail condition and needs. Appointments are recommended on a weekly basis which is a great reason to treat yourself to a mani, pedi and fresh lick of nail polish.