Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine Repairing Shine Mist

kevin murphy shimmer spray

If you are like me and you like all things shiny then Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine Repairing Shine Mist is just for you. This amazing spray literally looks like gold sparkly liquid and has a beautiful perfume smell that lasts for days. I sometimes get asked what perfume I am wearing and where one can buy it! But besides the incredible exterior appearance, this little bottle of glory works wonders to revive shine and repair your hair. I purchased a bottle a while ago and this is my product review and experience on Kevin Murphy’s repairing Shine Mist.


When I was a child my mom taught me a very valuable lesson.  She told me to always make sure I look after my skin and hair. To this day, I follow those rules and make sure I purchase the correct products and have regular consultations with both my hairstylist and therapist. This is so important because therapists and hairstylists can keep a professional eye on you and see if you need something more hydrating or if you producing too much oil, etc. With this being said, my hairstylist, Lee Wynard at Langaro Lifestyle Centre recommended I use Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine Repairing Shine Mist. She explained to me it’s filled with Vitamin A, C and E, baobab, immortelle and bamboo extracts which all repair-damaged hair. Now, I would consider my hair to be healthy but I think everyone tends to damage their hair when they blow-dry, use a heat styling aid or if you constantly tying your hair too tight.


It’s so easy to use this amazing product.

You give the bottle a good shake and you watch in delight how the gold flecks settle. I then lightly spray it on top of my styled hair and watch how it instantly gives my hair a lovely, sheer and healthy shine.

This product is also free of antioxidants and all Kevin.Murphy products are 100 percent cruelty free. Just another reason to fall in love with the entire KM range.