Langaro chose Le Temps des Cerises jeans

Le Temps des Cerises jeans

Of all the denim, in all the world, Langaro chose Le Temps des Cerises jeans. Here’s why.

There’s so much more to a pair of denim jeans than 5 pockets and fancy top stitching. Our most basic sartorial piece actually tells a story. Our story. Denim jeans reflect our lifestyle by adapting to our day. We take them from morning meetings to sunset cocktails; they witness first date kisses and collect holiday memories with the expectation that they constantly deliver comfort and simultaneously ooze sexiness.

No other wardrobe mainstay is tasked with such huge responsibilities which is why we believe exceptional quality, timelessness and chic comfort are key to a great pair of denim jeans. They need to be timeless yet remain fresh and seasonal year after year.

Le Temps des Cerises, (Time of Cherries), ticks all these boxes. In style. The Parisian brand was born in 1998 in the South of the France, the heart of the birthplace of denim. It carries the passion of its founders – for the classic blue canvas fabric – who have positioned themselves as specialists in ‘authentic’ jeans. Le Temps des Cerises collections and creations reflect the brand’s perception of original jeans enriched by a fascinating story. As antique dealers, designers Lylian Richardière and his son Gil Richardière, draw their inspiration from the second-hand and vintage fashion culture, reinventing urban fashion with a naturally aged style. The fabrics are patinated (given a sheen), faded, worn and shaped as if to tell the tale of jeans that have travelled through time. Much like how our jeans travel reflect our

Time of Cherries collections expresses sexy and casual at the same time. They’re comfortable yet insist on being chic; they’re denims which are extensions of our lifestyle, our state of mind and draws a sublime outline of our silhouette.

On the subject of silhouette… here at Langaro, we have identified two of the most popular shapes for women and two distinctive styles for men all in classic and stylish dark blue. Take a look.

Power for women.

The Power style is a versatile skinny fit jeans with a regular waist. Reinforced elasticity allows the denim cloth to maintain it’s ultra slim fit from thigh to ankle all day long.

Pulp for women:

In the quest for the ideal female figure, Le temps des Cerises has created the Pulp design. Like the Power, it still carries the slim fit from thigh to ankle but there the similarity ends. The secret of Pulp is the in way they shape the curve of a women’s buttocks. Inspired by the latest advancement in cosmetic surgery, the brand has adapted the barbed-thread technique used in non-surgical face lifts to the upper parts of the rear pockets. A special clip is sewn into the back with the effect of filling out and emphasising the shape of the bottom. The curve is enhanced and guaranteed. Furthermore, a low front offers the sexiness of a low-slung hipster while the raised back prevents nasty butt cleavage when sitting or bending.

Japan Rags 702 Power slim for men:

The 702 Power slim fit denim jeans is the more adjusted fit of the range as the classic high waist and popular slim fit will cater to a wider denim audience. The reinforced elasticity of the denim cloth ensures your denim jeans will maintain it’s shape from morning ’til night.

Japan Rags 711 Adjusted Slim Fit for men:

Trendsetters would love the 711 Adjusted Slim Fit denim. This pair carries a diamond-shaped waistband, low in the front and raised at the back, for the ultimate in street swag.

We share Le Temps des Cerises’ passion for denim jeans. Pop into Langaro for a personal consultation, shopping party or a luxurious shopping spree and start creating your own denim story.