How to layer like a pro

layer like a pro

When the temperature registers four seasons in one day, sartorial mishaps reign supreme. Cold mornings have you reaching for comfy knits only to have you encountering hot flushes come midday. To avoid these dilemmas, follow these five simple layering rules and show the weather who’s boss.


Step 1: Its all about the base

Resist the urge to grab a chunky base layer. Keep your foundation like, soft and close the the skin so maintain a sexy silhouette.


Step 2: Get shirty

Now layer a shirt or blouse, preferably with a collar or interesting cuff detail. These piece could easily be a summer item which you’re extending the life of by carrying into autumn and winter.


Step 3: All touchy feely

What would winter be without texture? Save bulky tops for weekends on the couch and opt for a richly textured or cabled knit instead.


Step 4: Apply a top coat

Ditch your trusty padded padded hoodie or lifeless parka for chic car coat or trendy suit jacket. Flash a contrasting sleeve detail or frilly collar from Step No. 2 for extra street cred.


Step 5: Wrap it up

Wraps and ponchos are the bread abd butter when it comes to layering like a pro. They’re sexy when slung over one shoulde, toasty when wrapped around you neck,  and easily removed when indoor  temperatures soar.