Let your hair down with Easihair pro extensions


Let your hair down with Easihair pro extensions

For long, luxuriant tresses, our professional stylists recommend Easihair Pro extensions.

Ever since Rapunzel let down her golden hair to get some, no cosmetic feature has been more appealing that long luscious tresses blowing in the breeze. As much as feminists may disagree, a hair flick is sexy.

Sadly, genetics has not endowed everyone with a hair type which allows a long flowing mane. Sun and product damage, bad nutrition and poor health also affect our hair growth and condition. And let’s be honest, a bad hair seriously affects how we feel about ourselves. Wearing hats all year round is a possible saviour, so to shaving it all off, but these could prove either impractical or a tad dramatic.

Here’s where hair extensions can save your day, week, month and even your year. We love Easipro hair product for all it offers especially the one year guarantee.

Why chose Easihair pro?

Easihair pro is made of 100% Remy human hair., This means you’re guaranteed the natural look and movement of hair which synthetic hair doesn’t offer. Its soft, manageable, doesn’t shed and above all, is a high quality product. Using gel, hair spray and blowdrying with a heat protectant highly recommended.

Their 30-colour spectrum is one of the widest on the market with sections of hair available are in flat colours or multi tones. Clients could even customise a personal box of hair. Mixing and matching sections will create natural looking high and low lights thereby eliminating any colour treatments. Easihair pro extensions cannot be colour treated as the cuticle needs to be kept intact.

The biggest advantage Easihair Pro has over it’s competitors is their advanced tape application method. It’s benefits include:

  • A quicker application time (60 minutes – 90 minutes depending  )
  • Hair lies seamlessly on the head and is virtually undetectable for a completely natural look.
  • Hair section can be re-used thereby eliminating the need to purchase more hair ever time its re-applied.
  • Bond tapes are made of a silicone which mimics natural follicles and will stretch with your natural hair.
  • No tools or messy bonding agents are used during application.
  • The application strips will not damage your real hair and is lighter in weight than other brands.

A full set of hair extension will last well over a year but we cannot stress strongly enough, the importance of post-treatment maintenance.

  • Avoid knotting by brushing twice per day and plait loosely at night.
  • Extensions do not moisturise themselves (obvs) so treat with Argan oil, coconut oil, or leave-in treatments throughout the mid lengths. Avoid oil, serum, silicone or moisture treatments on tape as this will dilute the bonds and cause slippage.
  • Bond tapes need to be dried 100% even when not blowdrying to prevent breakage of natural hair.
  • Re-application needs to be done every 6-8 weeks to compensate natural hair regrowth.
  • Regular in-salon nourishing treatments and blow outs are recommended to monitor the condition of the hair sections and rectify slippage.
  • If well-maintained, your box of Easihair pro extensions could last a full year.

Whether you’re a Kerry Washington, a J Lo or a Lauren Conrad kinda gal , Easihair pro guarantees a glowing mane even Rapunzel would be jealous of.