Lose weight and centimetres with Ultrasound Cavitation


When double chins, batwings and love handles stare back at you in the mirror, its time to bring out the big guns. Rigorous exercise will always tone muscles and a healthy diet does drop the scale reading but excess saggy skin and fatty deposits particularly on hips and thighs tend to hang around a lot more as we age. Thank you, gravity.

With obesity on the rise due to stress, easy access to convenience food and sedentary lifestyles, losing weight is a challenge. We also live in an instant gratification age where we want results faster than investing too much time. With so many scams and false promises on the market, choosing a treatment is harder than losing the weight. Here’s why we have Ultrasound Cavitation, a weight loss treatment which has proven effective in the fight against fat.

What is ultrasound cavitation?

Cavitation is a body contouring system which uses ultrasound to break down adipose tissue in targeted areas on the body. The procedure was designed and developed in Europe as a pain-free and safe alternative to surgery. With its efficacy at providing slimming results, cavitation has seen a significant rise in popularity.


What happens in the treatment room?

During a consultation, the therapist and client will ascertain on the areas which need slimming and measurements taken to track the treatment’s performance. A specifically designed gel is then applied to the area, after which an ultrasound device, similar to that used during a pregnancy scan, is gently rolled over the affected areas. Concentrated levels of ultrasound energy is emitted from the device which breaks down the subcutaneous fat cell membranes. The fat is then reduced to liquid and dispersed into surrounding cells and metabolically expelled from the body.

How effective is the treatment?

You can expect to see a drastic reduction in centimetres immediately after the first session with an increase in results – much like liposuction – measured after each treatment. Best results are proven after 8 – 12 session depending on how much weight loss is required. Unlike liposuction, there is no pain, scarring, bleeding, infections or downtime so you’re free to continue with your day-to-day activities as if you’ve had a facial or mani.

We have trained therapists who are passionate about cavitation as a slimming and weight loss treatment. Call us or book an appointment online and say goodbye to unwanted fat.

Note: All equipment used by Langaro Lifestyle Centre carries the international CE Certification of approval, as issued by the ITC (Institute for Testing and Certification based in Europe). Ultrasonic Cavitation is FDA Approved.