The lowdown on Juicing and why we chose The Skinny Juice Co

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Is it an eating plan, a detox or just another fancy thirst quencher? Here’s the lowdown on juicing and why we chose The Skinny Juice Co.

By now you would certainly have heard about juicing. This food practice hit the trendosphere about two years ago when raw fruit and vegetables where popped into a blender and consumed as a replacement to a solid meal. We’re not sure whether juicing was created by some Hollywood starlet who wouldn’t ruin her camera makeup or a famous model who couldn’t be seen eating. What we do know is that what started out as craze has become a real thing.

The question still being asked though is whether juicing is a diet, a detox or just another fancy thirst quencher?

The answer is simply all of the above.

Daily dose of goodness

Introducing fresh, raw cold pressed juices into your daily diet will make it easier to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals into your body; more so than any cooked meal. You’ll feel healthier and stronger, give your overworked digestive system some much needed time out.

Detoxing and cleansing

Juice fasting is an effective way to kickstart your immune system. Your body needs get rid of toxins which build up over time and juice fasts are a great way to deep cleanse and purify your system. Add a glowing skin, sparkly eyes, healthy hair, strong nails and more energy to the list – and you have a delicious glass of superfood in your hands.


So is it also thirst quencher? Obvs! Devoid of processed sugar, alcohol, caffeine, or any other chemical diuretic, cold pressed juices will hydrate the body and quench a thirst deliciously. With seven different flavours flashing fancy names like Beet, Root or Burner to tempt your taste buds, you’ll be spoiled for a healthy choice.

Why are we telling you all this?

We’re all about improving your body both inside and out, Our belief in the goodness of juicing has prompted us to offer cold pressed juices as part of our health and wellness service. We’ve chosen The Skinny Juice Co  because they share our philosophy of holistic well being born from nature. They also translated our signature Lemongrass fragrance into a cold pressed juice.

Grab a refreshing bottle of Langaro lemongrass, apple, pear and pineapple juice from our fridges when next you’re in the salon. Alternately, speak to our wellness therapists about a full juice detox plan which we will order for you from The Skinny Juice Co.

Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t get easier or more delicious than this.