Matadoro autumn collection by Morgan Talyor and Gelish

morgan taylor

Autumn is all about warm tones and rich textures. And this is exactly what makes Matadora by Morgan Taylor and Gelish so appealing. The 6-piece Nail Lacquer and Gelish collection invites you to dance, dream and fall in love under the starry skies of Spain. With names like All Tango-D Up and Olé My Way, it captures the country’s rich culture and vivacious beauty in lavish autumn colours. Here’s what you can expect from this new and exciting nail colour range.

I’m Drawing A Blanco; a silvery white shimmer perfect for nail art accents and highlights.

Mauve Your Feet; a dusky pink reminiscent of late summer sunsets.


Don’t Break My Corazón; a rich red with a hint of orange, perfect for a bold matching lip colour.

All Tango-D Up; a rich red wine, aptly encapsulating the theme of the collection.


Danced and Sang-ria; a vampy purple which will work great with a smoky eye.

Olé My Way; a navy blue shimmer for dark sultry nights.

We cannot wait to introduce Matadora to you when the colours arrive in April. Until then, take a look at the behind-the-scenes campaign video and transport yourself to sultry Spain. Or call us to book a mani or pedi appointment for a warm, rich autumn.