Microdermabrasion; exfoliation for healthy glowing skin


The microdermabrasion is a new skincare routine by Bio-Therapeutic created to perform a highly controlled exfoliation of the skin. Skin abnormalities, which originate in the epidermis, are improved and corrected to reveal smooth glowing skin.

The device used by trained Bio-Therapeutic skin therapists is a BioBrasion Trinity. It includes a handheld device attached to a vacuum which allows the projected flow of micro-crystals when this device comes into contact with the skin. (You’ll actually hear a gentle suction sound during contact with the skin.) As soon as the handpiece is lifted off the face, the crystal flow stops thereby allowing perfect control of the treatment.

In the treatment room
After a cleanse, using the bt-sonic facial brush, AquaFuse Foam peel is applied. This rich foaming solution acts as a gentle keratolytic and dissolves excess sebum and debris in congested areas. Hydrators in the solution provide a healthy balance and proper barrier functioning making this a safe treatment for even the most sensitive skins.

The therapist will then glide the Trinity over the face in controlled movements to gently and effectively exfoliate. A series of masque, serum and cream applications will follow, all tailored to your individual skincare needs.

Why the need for proper exfoliation?

Remove dead skin cells
Skin cells, like any other cell in our bodies, continue to multiply. As they reach the surface, they die off creating that flaky dull look which is further exacerbated by air, wind, sweat, and environmental grime. Adding serum or moisturiser to dry flaky skin is like mixing flour with water, which in essence is a recipe for glue.

For optimal efficacy, skincare products need to penetrate the surface of the skin. With a fine layer of the aforementioned ‘glue’ on your skin, those products will do nothing but drain your bank account. You may as well rub then onto a painted wall.

Drive product penetration
The fundamental role of a successful exfoliation treatment is to remove dead skin cells so products can penetrate below the epidermis and get to work. Active ingredients have a better chance of working if they have a clear rite of passage. Products lose efficacy if they have to fight through layers of grime and dead skin cells.

Prevent wrinkles
Oooh, you didn’t think of this one, did you? Here’s how. Regular exfoliation encourages higher cell turnover. By regularly sloughing off the dead ones, new cells are produced much quicker. Think of a queue at the supermarket. The quicker a till operator processes your purchases, the quicker the line moves to the front making way for more to join the back. Get it?

By bringing a fresh supply of new cells to the surface, plumpness replaces fine lines and wrinkles.

Improve blood and oxygen circulation
Cell turnover also improves the circulation of blood to the surface of the skin bringing with it oxygen and nutrients from your super healthy diet. Exfoliation literally gets your juices flowing. You may also want to read our article on the values of pure oxygen as the no. 1 anti-aging treatment.

Control spots and breakouts
Bacteria love dead skin cells. Combine these two with pores blocked by sweat and oil, and you have a recipe for pus which causes infections. By controlling the environment which feeds an infection, and you minimise spots and breakouts. It’s as simple as that.

Now that you know a healthy, plump, glowing skin starts with a clean slate, when may we expect your booking for a Trinity microdermabrasion facial?