MicroKeratin: The Protein vs Moisture Debate


We all crave healthy, manageable hair. It looks good and saves time. Right? Sadly, environmental damage, stress, chemicals, swimming pools, over processing, heat styling aids, a poor diet and good ol’ DNA are all contributing factors to leaving it dry, frizzy, damaged and less desirable. Enter MicroKeratin, the keratin treatment created to work from the inside to replenish the natural proteins which had been stripped from our hair. Hair is left smoother, shinier and more manageable. Who wouldn’t want that?

The advantages of MicroKeratin
100% of your frizz problem will be removed after using Micro Keratin.
Restores the natural keratin levels in your hair.
Wash and style your hair immediately after the treatment.
Although not permanent, the treatment is long term, lasting from three to six months.
The result is soft, beautifully healthy hair with a radiant shine.
Reduce styling time at home by 60 – 70%.

In Salon
Hair will be washed with a clarifying shampoo and rough dried completely. The keratin treatment is applied evenly until hair is completely wet and left on for 30 minutes. Hair is then blow dried and flat ironed. Once the smoothing process is completed, hair is shampooed again, a masque is applied for 5 minutes, it’s rinsed and then styled as you wish. All this takes about 90 minutes, which is a small price to pay for 6 months worth of beautiful, shiny, frizz-free hair. 


Home care products recommended by a stylist is vital to the continued success of a MicroKeratin treatment. In fact, the brand will not guarantee success, unless the appropriate products are used.


What ‘they’re’ not telling you
So why are we not all looking fabulous on Instagram every single day? The answer is simply, balance. Healthy hair is a perfect balance between protein and moisture. While MicroKeratin is able to smooth and reduce frizz, protein overload may occur.

Hair is made up of 80-90% protein or keratin. Protein treatments are required to treat damage caused by over styling, diet or stress. However, protein overload may result when hair is force-fed too much protein.

Possible symptoms of protein overload
Hair strands snap off easily during testing.
Hair appears dry, lifeless and brittle.
Hair lacks natural lustre and shine.
Hair is stiff and has a straw-like texture.
Hair tangles and sheds easily.

How to fix protein overload
Once you and your hairstylist have discussed your symptoms and agreed on protein overload, it may take a month to rectify but the solution is simple. All your hair needs is a temporary protein-free regime with intense moisturising. This may include clarifying shampoos, a diet rich in oils and fatty acids, regular moisturising masque treatments, leave-in conditioners and lots of TLC.

The definition of healthy hair is a perfect balance between protein and moisture. As with all treatments, speak to our trained stylists who are on point with information and care tips to create The Ultimate healthy You.