Milk shake; the heavenly food of haircare


We’ve introduced the UK-based milk_shake range to our hair salon. Given that wellness born from nature sits at the core of our business practice, choosing a haircare range made from ingredients like milk protein and fruit seemed a good enough reason to stock the brand. The fact that milk_shake is deliciously served in cocktails glasses did nothing to influence our decision *nudge, wink*

So, what is deal with milk_shake?

We found the Milk Shake haircare range to be a full sensory experience. Creamy colour piped into cocktails glasses carries a visual charm which those nasty plastic bowls just can’t beat. In an age of social media dominance where pretty pictures get more likes, Milk Shake appears to be click-bait central.

The sense of smell is the next experience our clients will love. Infused with natural products like honey or berries, you’ll be forgiven for thinking Milk Shake is good enough to eat. The sweet fragrances which the shampoos and conditioners emit warrants the brand’s description of heavenly food for hair. Interestingly enough, it’s these very ingredients which sets Milk Shake apart from their competitors – and in truth, the real reason we have it. Natural ingredients translate into less damage to your hair ands subsequently the environment; the essence of our brand.

The feeling of beautiful hair is the final sensory reward. Here’s how a few of our products work

milk_shake creative permanent color with natural honey and milk proteins has a conditioning and protective cosmetic base to maintain hair integrity and condition the hair shaft, while protecting scalp and hair during the hair color process. It carries a high percentage of concentrated, pure, stable high-quality pigments to guarantee long-lasting perfect grey coverage, brilliant intense tones, specific shade control and vibrant shiny color.

The rich results of milk_shake creative permanent color come from its ingredients:

  • milk protein with conditioning action
  • amino acid complex, containing a vegetal keratin based on 18 wheat and soybean amino acids and an antioxidant, that reinforces and protects hair while improving its appearance and structure
  • natural honey with soothing and protective properties on scalp and a conditioning effect on the hair stem
  • conditioning and hydrating agents for soft, easy to comb hair
  • sunflower oil with emollient action for easy handling

milk shake direct color is an innovative and gentle cosmetic hair color that performs with excellent results. Completely ammonia- and peroxide-free, milk shake direct color respects hair structure without modification and all shades are intermixable. Formulated with tested and high quality pigments, it is recommended for highlighting natural or colored hair, toning bleached or highlighted hair, hiding first gray hairs, intensifying a shade after other color services, color correction or restoring, introducing clients to color services and for complementing other professional technical services.

milk_shake daily frequent shampoo Daily shampoo for normal or dry hair that needs frequent washing. A delicate shampoo with an SLS-free and paraben-free formula to hydrate and protect hair that needs frequent washing. With milk proteins and apple juice that hydrate and protect the hair, while Integrity 41© (sunflower extract) protects hair

milk_shake sweet camomile conditioner is a revitalizing conditioner for blonde hair. It has a paraben free formula with softening and detangling action. Revives highlights, enhances the shine and brilliance of blonde hair, and increases manageability. Its formula combines organic camomile extract, renowned for its lightening properties, with organic honey, prized for its nourishing properties, making the hair incredibly soft and silky with brilliant highlights.

milk_shake leave in conditioner for all hair types. This leave in conditioning spray for normal or dry hair that gives manageability to hair whilst protecting its structure and moisture balance. Milk proteins give strength to the hair’s structure and fruit and honey extracts revitalize and give shine. Integrity 41© and Vitamin E protect from UV rays and help to maintain hair colour

milk_shake smoothing cream for soft hold styling  creates shine, protecting and conditioning the hair with milk proteins, lychee extract, vitamin C, minerals and natural antioxidants that don’t weigh the hair down. With UV filters that protect hair color. Conditions the hair for maximum manageability. Helps to smooth hair and protects hair from heat and styling tools, giving humidity resistance for medium to coarse hair. Ideal for curly hair as it eliminates frizz and helps to define curls, leaving hair soft and radiant.

With so much health and deliciousness around, we could be forgiven for craving a cocktails or two. Cheers to milk_shake and your beautiful hair.