Nails For Special Occasions

special occasions

Nowadays a nail technician can do just about any nail design you could possibly imagine! Just think of the latest craze, where one can get actual fluff glued on the tips on their nails- no jokes, now it’s easy to look like your friendly furry pet! But then there will always be our classic favourites like the French manicure or gelish for the more conservative ladies. Let’s take a closer look at different types of nails for for special occasions.

Wedding nails

Nails For Weddings

Every woman fantasizes about the perfect wedding to the man of her dreams. Months and months go into planning the décor, the food, the music, the flowers and so on. And when it comes to the dress, the makeup, the hair and the nails, there is no exception to the fuss made. So what nail design do you get for your big day? Bridal nails can be anything a nail technician and her bridal client can envision … although the designs tend to run to your classic French Manicure and pink and white combinations. Some ladies like to get nail art on the demure and elegant side which usually involves creative white flower patterns and small diamantes on each nail. The only risk you run with this design, is if the diamantes fall off, your nails could appear to look ‘tacky’ on your big day which is a definite no-no!


Nails For Valentines Day

Valentines Day – the day of Luuuuurve and romance! Yip, this is the one day where we can all be super cheesy and wear our blood red or rosy pink nails while feeling completely in tune with what the day represents. For the ladies who love their pink polish, we recommend Morgan Taylor’s “It’s Gonna Be Mei” and for our vixen ladies who are obsessed with red, we suggest Morgan Taylor’s “Tigress Knows Best”. If you’re wanting Valentines Day to ultimately “last longer” you can always opt for a gelish manicure which stays on your nails for up to two weeks. “What’s Your Poinsetta” from Gelish is a popular choice and definitely in line with the Valentine’s Day theme.

Party Nails

Party Tips

At Langaro, our nail salon technicians highly recommend getting “party tips” for special occasions. These are temporary enhancements that should last for up to 5 days or more (depending on how careful you are with your nails). If applied correctly there will be no damage to your nails and they can be easily removed after the occasion.

The typical procedure for party nails would be applying tips, shaping them, over laying the tips and your nail with some sort of creative material, or acrylic and sometimes gel. This should take about 1-1:30 at the most. Our expert nail technician Salome Sylvester is a pro at party nails/nail art so do not hesitate to book a appointment with her next time you have a festive function to go to.

Creative nail designs for any occasion will always make your final outfit look complete. Here at Langaro, our expert nail technicians are trained to cater towards any of your manicure and pedicure desires. Book your nail appointment with us today!