Next level knitwear for men

knitwear for men

When we say ’men’s knit wear’ what comes to mind? Grey scratchy v-necks we wore as kids, which paired with shorts and crisp white shirts constituted Sunday best. Dads would tie a pastel skinny around his neck heading off to golf while grandad gardened in a brown cable number with leather patched elbows.  As we got older, knits attended our first job interviews, dinner parties with the in-laws or any occasion where the GF/BF raised their eyebrows at our trusty rock & roll sweatshirt. While we hold these nostalgic memories close to our hearts, we need to admit that knitwear has traveled a long way since.

Pullovers are still an essential part of any man’s wardrobe but they play more of an aesthetic role than a functional one. A simple crewneck still adds the same polish a suit jacket would, while a cashmere knit takes a basic tee to staggering sartorial heights. Polo necks will always spell James Bond-cool whether worn with white denim jeans or black trousers. In short, knitted pullovers ooze sex appeal. And we love em.

These days we have options for days – ribbed, ripped, rippled, the works – but they all need to follow the modern golden rule which is fit. Fit. Fit. They the exception of a chunky fisherman cable, which for me will always be a classic, pullovers should be cut close to the body. Unless you’re taking a Tinder / Grinder selfie, pullovers should be snug enough to be worn comfortably under a jacket yet have enough room for a shirt to be worn underneath.

The shoulder and torso are the two best judges for how a pullover should sit. When the seam sits comfortably in the centre of your shoulder and greets the collarbone, and when the body of the knit covers your gut, you’re in business.

On the subject of your torso, a baggy fit around the waist adds pounds. the sides of your knit should skim the torso yet be long enough to cover your waistband.

Now, forget everything I said and take a look at the knits we have from Cape Town brands Black Dog and Zeitgeist. They’re the Tinder / Grinder kind, the first date kind, the one your BF / in-laws / prospective boss will approve of. They may not want to garden with granddad or play a round of golf with your father, but they are sexy and locally made. And that is why we have them here at Langaro.

Pop into our style lounge and shop BlackDog and ZG knitwear for men to take your winter look to the next level.