Professional Tips for Eyelash Extensions


Pelmar Gumbo is our eyelash guru. Her gentle nature and professional approach to client care make her the perfect candidate for such delicate work. So let’s chat about the do’s and don’ts of eyelash extension, who’s an ideal candidate, and the million dollar tip a therapist will not share with you.

What is an eyelash extension?
Eyelash extensions are synthetic, mink or silk lashes which are individually attached to your real lashes. Fake lashes, by comparison, are sold in strips and removed daily. A full set could take up to two hours to apply and can be worn year-round with regular fills to keep then lush.

Do eyelash extensions hurt?
Lash extensions should not hurt when applied correctly. A gentle prick or tingle is an indication that the extensions have been applied too close to your eyelids. In essence, they should be applied about 2mm from your eyelid. Should you experience any discomfort or irritation, speak up as the treatment should be pain-free. If you’ve never had extensions before, we will happily perform a patch test prior to booking a full appointment.

How do I prevent extensions for looking fake?
Eyelash extension can be applied to look as real or as fake as you want them to be. A classic set entails a ‘faux lash’ applied to one real eyelash at a length as close to your natural lash as possible. This method is also known as 1 to 1 or 1:1 and offers a fuller look without an overtly sweeping or lengthening effect.

A volume set introduces an effect ranging from 2D to 10D (pre-made fans). 2D is a faux lash which is split into two and applied to one natural eyelash. 3D is obviously three lashes and so on until you reach 10. Add to that a variable length from 6mm to 17mm which will take your look from normcore to slay queen.

How long do lash extensions last? And will they damage my natural lashes?
When applied correctly, the adhesive will last at least 4 weeks. However, lash extensions are susceptible to natural eyelash loss. The above mentioned pre-made fan lashes will also weigh heavily on your natural lash causing possible breakage. Sleeping on the face, rubbing your eyes and oil-based cosmetics and makeup remover will also contribute to the loss of your eyelash extensions.


May I apply mascara to lash extensions?
Absolutely! providing they oil- or wax free as these ingredients will dilute the bond. Mascara will certainly add an additional alluring effect but it may not be necessary if you go for a fuller or longer extension.

Furthermore, wait a few days after having had a tint, and three months after an eyelash perm.

Who are the ideal candidates for eyelash extensions?
Extensions are suitable for men and women of any age or ethical background. The length and fullness will be determined by the strength and volume of your natural lashes as well as the shape of your eye. However, lash extensions are not recommended if you:
* are unable to lie on your back for long periods of time possibly due to an injury.
* are prone to sleeping face down.
* have had recent cosmetic surgery.
* suffer from any eye infection
* are susceptible to allergic reactions or conditions like redness, swelling, itching or watering.


Aftercare Tips
* Avoid all forms of sweat-inducing exercise or moisture for 24 hours after application as the adhesive will dilute. This includes washing your face, showering and swimming.
* Avoid all forms of extreme humidity like saunas, hot baths and steam facials for 48 hours after a treatment.
* Resist the urge to touch the lashes during this curing process.
* Do not pull extensions, rubs your eye or sleep face down while you have extensions.
* Apply liquid eyeliner sparingly. You want to keep the lashes gunk free to prolong the time they spend on your natural lash.
* Only use oil-free cleansing products as the oil will dissolve the bond.
* Clean them daily even if you haven’t worn makeup as salty sweat and dust will deposit as well as weigh the lashes down.
* Avoid using cotton balls, pads or buds around the eye area as the lint will get caught in the extensions.
* Brush lashes gently with the supplied brush to keep them neat especially after a shower. Wet lashes tend to crisscross; don’t let them dry like that. Close one eye, place the spool (brush) on top of your eyelashes, then roll gently to fluff them out.
* Stash the lash curler and cancel the eyelash perm and tint appointments. You won’t need them anymore.


What is the million dollar tip most therapists will not share?
Remove all makeup before an appointment. This will give the therapist up to 15 minutes extra time to apply more lashes.

Eyelash Fact:
An average eye has 90 – 120 lashes. It will shed between 2 to 5 lashes per day. That’s an average of 21 lost lashes per week, 42 in 2 weeks and 63 in 3 weeks. This is why a fill is recommended every 2 – 3 weeks to maintain a full effect. Call us for your date with luxurious lashes.