Why we should protect our eye contours

eye contour

As cliche as it sounds, the eyes are the windows to our soul. We see tired eyes, sparkling eyes, eyes which go all googly when we’re in love. Above all, we tend to look at ourselves in the mirror and far too often, we see bags. Sadly not the designer kind.

Before you head off to purchase expensive lotion and potions, here are a few facts about the eye contour area and why we should first protect them.

1. The skin around your eye contour is five times thinner than the rest of your face, and 10 times thinner than on your body.
2. The eye contour lacks a specific muscle to support it, yet it supports one of the body’s most active function; blinking. We blink about 15- to 20 000 times per day.
3. There are very few sebaceous glands in this area, making it prone to sensitivities. Allergic reactions will often result in dry flaky skin or swelling.
4. Collagen and elastin fibres – the building blocks of skin, are also considerably less than in the rest of the face.
5. This area is prone to liquid accumulation which causes ‘bags’. There’s also less blood circulation which causes dark circles.

Another cliche from granny rings true; prevention is better than cure. By being gentle on your eye contour, you’re less likely to need extensive treatments to repair any problems.

1. When applying eye cream, use your ring finger as its the weakest and most gentle. Apply the cream to the bony area and pat gently until absorbed.
2. Avoid using harsh astringent or soap around the eye as it may dehydrate the skin.
3. Regular facials and facial massages will stimulate skin cell regeneration including around the eye are.
4. Wear sunglasses. Squinting in the sun as well as UV rays which break down collagen both cause wrinkles and fine lines around the eye.
5. Stay hydrated and rest because… wait, these are actually the two healthiest skin and body tips of all time. Just do it.

Take care of your eyes and we hope to see you in our salon soon.