Gelish Product Review

gelish manicure

If you’re looking for super long-lasting mani then look no further than a Gelish Application! Gelish nail colours perform like a gel, but the application is just like a polish. I recently had a gelish mani for the first time and I don’t think I could ever go back to having a normal mani with polish. Here are my reasons why…

To begin with, I thought a gelish mani might take a little longer than any other mani. Reason being, when I saw the LED lamp, I assumed each nail had to sit under this light for several minutes. But I was very wrong. In between coats, your nails can be cured under a LED lamp in a mere 30 seconds! It is such a simple process and basically takes about an hour for both hands to be completed- exactly the same as your normal mani with polish.

There is also a staggering 72 different colours to choose from with Gelish – one for every mood you could potentially be in! You can pick from hi-gloss shades to sparkly hues and there is even a French manicure option if you cant live without this gorgeous, classic look.

I think the best perk about a gelish manicure is the fact that once you are done, your nails will be 100% dry. You’ll have no worries whatsoever of your nails smudging when reaching for your car keys, washing your hands or going about your normal day-to-day chores. What a relief!

Gelish actually promises to stay on your nails for a good three weeks without chipping and so far so good! It has been two weeks since I have had mine done and they still look fabulous. Yes, there may be a slight re-growth at the bottom of my nails but you can only notice that if you are really judging.

foil on fingernails

The nail technicians at Langaro Nail Salon in Cape Town also explained to me that when I am ready to remove my gelish, the process is just as easy. They simply file off the thin layer of Gelish Top Coat, until the nail looks matte. They then use pieces of cotton wool which  are soaked in acetone for each finger and placed on top of the nail. Lastly they wrap each finger with the aluminium foil. The foil stops the acetone in the nail polish remover from evaporating. This stakes about 20 minutes and your nails are officially bare once again, ready for a new gelish coat!

A gelish mani is perfect for a holiday where you really don’t want to stress about your nails. In fact in is perfect for any occasion when life gets super busy and you want to sail through anything while sporting gorgeous looking nails!

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