We replaced facial steaming with the bt-micro


In our article on water saving, we mentioned that we’ve replaced facial steaming with a bt-micro treatment. Here’s a quick rundown on what the bt-micro is and how it works for pore extraction.

The bt-micro is a professional hand held device which achieves ultrasonic pore extraction using patented microcurrent technology. Designed in thh USA by Bio-Therapeutic, it’s cordless, ergonomic design makes for agile use allowing our therapists to cover most areas of the face without the discomfort of squeezing black- or whiteheads the old-fashioned way. During a bt-micro treatment, a water based cleanser is applied to the skin to loosen dead surface skin cells. The oscilating head, activated by ultrasonic ultrawaves, is then guided over the face in upward motions to gently exfoliate the skin. Slight pressure will be applied to ares around the nose or forehead where black- or whiteheads are prone to appear. Et voila, the micro current will gently extract any pore build-up without any pain or discomfort to you.

This is just another way of how we are embracing technology and saving water at the same time.