Threading, the naked truth


We’re baring all to bring you the naked truth about threading, once again available at Langaro.

A popular fashion magazine was spot on when they stated that, ‘Once you’ve pop your threading cherry, you’ll never look back”. This ancient art of hair removal from brows, lip and chin is the most effective alternate to waxing and tweezing especially for sensitive skins. And in the same time that it takes to order and drink a cappucino, you’ll be off the salon bed, totally fuzz free.

The process, widely practiced in Asia for centuries, entails rolling tightly twisted threads of cotton over your hairs, ripping the follicles from each pore. Sore, much? Surprisingly not even if you have a low pain threshold. You’ll experience more of a sensation than pain. First timers may want the therapist to try a small patch of peach fuzz on their hand first. Once you’ve patted yourself on the back for not causing the expected fuss, threading your brows will be breeze.

Prepare to sneeze though. This is a common bodily reaction to eyebrow hair removal. *The eyebrows and the nose are both innervated by the trigeminal nerve. When the trigeminal nerve is stimulated by any form of plucking, it causes excitement of the nerve in the nasal area as well, which can lead to a sneeze.

The appeal of threading lies in its precision. An experienced practitioner has in their hands, the power to remove the tiniest, most wayward follicle to create a clear, beautifully defined shape. Admittedly, they’re still pulling hair out by the root so expect to find redness or a slight swelling of the skin. This is easily soothed with a cooling cream which we offer totally gratis. At home treatments could include dabbing with rose water or diluted lavender oil.

Easy maintenance is another benefit of threading. Hair removal from the root ensures that there’s zero stubble left behind. After two weeks, you may be able to tweeze out the regrowth yourself. A follow up threading session at a salon is recommended after six to eight weeks to reshape or redefine the brow again.

Threading is only recommended for tiny areas like brows, chin and lip as a larger area may take an hour. And frankly, would you really want to be plucked hair by hair from the root for such a long time. We didn’t think so.

So, have we informed you sufficiently to pop your threading cherry? Excellent Give us a call or book an appointment online. We’re here seven days a week to create The Ultimate You.

* Source info: New York dermatologist Eric Schweiger, MD via