Top 10 Myths and Facts about Aging

myths and facts about ageing

Skincare care myths and misconceptions are as abundant as there are facial cleansers on a salon shelf. Some have been passed down from one generation to another giving rise to the term ‘old wives’ tale’ while others are generated by ad campaigns to instill fear and move product. We’ve collected the top 10 myths based on a client feedback and challenged our therapists to disprove each using their knowledge and experience.

MYTH: Clean until its squeaky clean.

FACT: Overzealous cleansing will leave your skin tight as a drum Avoid cleansers that contain harsh surfactants which rid skin of too much oil, thereby breaking down its protective water-retention barrier and leaving it dry and taut.

MYTH: Water equals skin hydration.

FACT: If the skin isn’t supported by water-retaining aids like essential fatty acids and ceramides, hydration cannot take place. Much like a sieve cannot hold water regardless of how much is poured into it, well-constructed skin needs help to stay hydrated.

MYTH: Facial exercises keep skin plump and taut.

FACT: Think of your skin as a sheet of paper which is repeated folded in the same place. After a while, that fold will remain permanently etched on your face. By the same token, hollowed out skin cannot be repaired by exercise. loss of volume is caused by a decrease on collagen, aleastin and fat – none of which can be replenished by facial movement.

MYTH: Only expensive anti-aging products work.

FACT: Price doesn’t affect the efficacy of an anti aging product; its the percentage go active ingredients which does. Retinol, niacinamide, lactic acid and glycol acid should appear in the top 3 list of ingredients which indicates an acceptable amount present in the product. The lower down the list an ingredients appears, the less effective it is.

MYTH: You don’t need sunscreen on a cloudy day.

FACT: The sun’s UV rays can penetrate clouds cover and glass. Sunscreen should be worm 365 days of the year. (You may want to read the newsy article we wrote about sun damage and the importance of sunscreen HERE) <Insert link to Sunscreen article>

MYTH: Eating habits are not related to aging.

FACT: A healthy eating plan is the first step towards improving your appearance. The skin is an organ like any other and directly affected by the nutrients we ingest. In fact, most antioxidants ( the goodies which fight bad free radicals) are found in food like berries and are better absorbed into the system than topical creams.

MYTH: You can stop using anti-aging products once you see an improvement.

FACT: Aging is a continous natural process of life – further aided by pollutants, diet, dehydration and UV damage. Once you find a skincare routine which works for you, stick with it. Why stop or change a winning formula.

MYTH: A tingle or irritation means the products are working.

FACT: Anti-aging should be painless. Any product which tingles the skin or causes an irritation means its too active for your skin type. Hormone Replacement Therapy or medication may also result in an irritation. So stop using your products and consult a doctor or your skin therapist immediately.

MYTH: One size fits all.

FACT: Rubbish! Its doesn’t apply to your clothing so why should your skin differ. As many skin types as there are, so too are the volume and combinations of products. And within that realm, PMS, medication and pregnancy will also affect production success. Therapists are trained to design a skincare routine to suit your everyday needs – as well as to monitor progress and adapt accordingly.

MYTH: Its too late to reverse the signs of aging.

FACT: Aging is defined by the skin’s loss of elasticity, pigmentation from sun damage or dehydration. Fortunately, the skin holds powerful recovery properties. With the correct skincare routine and treatments, effectively repairing the ravages of time is possible.

We’re proud of our team who clearly know their stuff and invite you to discuss any of these topics or your personal concerns with us. Our only goal is to help create The Ultimate You.