Waxing do’s and don’ts


I cannot wait for my wax,” said no one ever. Hair removal is undoubtedly the least glamourous beauty routine… and the most painful. While nothing beats the feel of silky smooth skin, waxing ain’t fun. Follow our pro tips for a less hair raising experience.

Salon wax 2

The Pro Tips:
* Schedule every appointment. Waxing too soon or too late makes the hair more susceptible to breaking under the surface of the skin. and broken hair becomes easily ingrown. Book a facial waxing treatment every 2-3 weeks, underarms every 2 weeks, bikini and other body services every 3-4 weeks.
* Pain management is the biggest challenge. By maintaining a regular waxing routine, your skin will get used to it, and hair will grow out thinner, reducing the pain considerably.
* If you’re planning on getting a spray tan for a big event, hold off until after a wax. Smooth, freshly waxed skin holds pigmentation better and longer than a body with normal hair growth on.


Before Waxing Do’s
Allow two weeks of hair growth prior to an appointment to give the hot wax a ‘good grip’.
Try a warm shower. The steam will help loosen congestion around the pores making hair removal gentler.
Exfoliate dead skin cells. The wax will cling to more hairs making the treatment more effective.
Take a painkiller and give it time to kick in. This may appear a bit extreme but every bit helps.
Wear loose-fitting clothing and granny panties or boxers if you’re ‘scaping. Chaffing will aggravate your skin.

Waxing 01

Before Waxing Don’ts
* Avoid appointments three days prior to or during your period. Studies have shown that 40% of women experience an increase in sensitivity when oestrogen levels drop.
* Lay off coffee. Caffeine and other stimulants increase pain receptors thereby increasing your sensitivity levels.
* Don’t get a wax on the day of a special event. Redness may linger for 2 or 3 days after your treatment.
* Avoid sun exposure which causes skin sensitivity and dehydration. Dry skin is more prone to bruising.
* No hangovers allowed. Alcohol is a diuretic which causes dehydration. Symptoms include a headache and dry skin, and who wants to add more pain to a pounding head.
* Don’t hit the gym. A rigorous workout in tight clothing creates friction which will lead to redness and ingrown hair.
* Also, avoid excessive activity or heated yoga classes for 24 hours after waxing as perspiration can lead to skin irritations.
* Avoid perfume and fragranced body products for a few days. The alcohol in scent may cause skin irritation. Instead, opt for fragrance-free lotion or cream.
* Wait for 48hours, then gently exfoliate the skin again to avoid ingrown hairs.
* Steer clear of hot baths, hot showers or saunas for 24hours to prevent further redness. Also, avoid swimming pools as both chlorinated and salt water will dehydrate the skin.
* Continue to apply a soothing balm to ease the itch as regrowth occurs immediately after hair has been plucked.
* Moisturise. The most effective way to maintain a silky smooth skin is to keep it moisturised. Waxing may remove dead skin but also strips away the skin’s natural oils.

Above all, take it easy and be gentle on yourself. You survived an ordeal to become The Ultimate silky smooth You.