What is a facial and why do we need it?

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Gone are the days when getting a facial meant having a steam ‘ clean before a big date. These days, skincare has become an integral part of our lives and subsequently our budgets. As we increase our pursuit of the fountain of youth, technology and scientific products have now become stock standard features in skincare treatments. Let’s take a look.
A stock standard facial follows four simple steps; Clean away dirt and grime, Exfoliate dead cells, Moisturise the skin,  and Protect from sun damage. Anyone can do this so what’s different now? The answer is Everything!
From the time a client walks into a salon, he or she has the power to physically transform their faces. Science, technology and modern medicine have revolutionised skincare to such an extent that not only has aging been halted, but now also reversed. In essence, we have found the fountain of youth.

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The first step a therapist does is analyse the client’s skin condition. This information is gleaned from questioning the client on their lifestyle environment, their skincare routine and diet. Secondly, devices like the Bio-Therapeutic Analyze is used to diagnose the moisture content of the skin. Or the Bio-Therapeutic bt-zoom magnify glass is used to get a closer look at the condition of the skin.

Based on a complete analyse, treatments and products are then prescribed to suit each individual’s needs. The Basic procedure is still followed – but this time with a plethora of serums, creams, tools, gels and even 96% pure oxygen as defence weapons. It could all be intimidating to anyone who doesn’t know their peptides from their antioxidants so let’s start from the beginning.
Collagen makes up one-third of the protein found in our cells, skin, bones even our gut. Tightly packed molecules of collagen form threads which act as a scaffolding to give strength and structure to living cells. Collagen literally holds us together. We age when the fibroblasts in our cells stop producing collagen which is literally when things start to fall apart. Skin becomes dry, flay, wrinkled, saggy, puffy, dehydrated, dull; all because the foundation of our cells is no longer there to support us.

It, therefore, goes without saying that the fundamental procedure of a facial is to infuse collagen into the skin to hold that scaffolding up. And here’s where technology comes into play.

If collagen-infused products sat on the surface, absolutely nothing would happen. An effective facial needs to do everything to ensure the collagen is absorbed into the skin.

Cleansers need to remove all dirt and grime. The most effective way to combine a cleansing agent with a facial cleansing brush. at Langaro, we use the Bio-Therapeutic bt-sonic brush in all facials. Its award-winning technology carries anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties, is ergonomically designed to reach every facial plane, and effectively removes dirt and grime in under two minutes. (Read about the importance of cleansing here.)

Exfoliators need to remove dead cells and decongest pores. We have a range of products from eco-friendly microbeaded gels and gentle foam peels to the bt-micro tool which removes dead cells and extracts sebum from pores. Technological devices such as a BT wet/dry microdermabrasion or a Clear + Brilliant laser will gentle peel to encourage fresh skin renewal.


Face masks, whether in a sheet or cream formula, are an intense treatment designed to target specific skincare needs. Heavily infused with collagen, Vitamin C, moisturisers or brightening agents, their role is highly specialised and they at least five minutes on the skin for maximum benefit.

Serums are gel-like in texture and applied underneath a moisturiser for optimum product absorption. In essence, they do not moisturise the skin’s surface or hold any barrier functions. Instead, serums are designed to carry highly active ingredients deep into the skin, and to encourage moisture-retention from within. Ingredients range from Vitamin C for acne prone skin, Vitamin A to combat dryness or antioxidants for dullness.

There are as many moisturisers on the market as there are skin conditions, but they all need to do one thing. They need to moisturise dry skin; anything else is a nice to have. These days, moisturisers carry added benefits like acting as a barrier to prevent skin from drying, containing UV sun protection ingredients or even a cosmetic tint to replace a foundation. At the end of the day, we all need it whether in a rich or light formula. For optimum mask, serum or moisturiser penetration, we once again use the bt-micro.

The jury is still out on whether sunscreen promotes or prevent skin cancer. Until the FDA rules, we at Lanagro will continue to apply UV protection at the end of our facial. Click here for our extensive article on sun damage and sun protection.

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Immediately after a facial, the skin radiants a healthy glow. Within 24 – 72 hours, the skin is more hydrated as circulation has been boosted. From day 28 to day 48, cells regenerate and the long-term benefits kick in; plumpness, an even skin tone or a smoother texture. Six weeks later, its time for a top up. Call me:)